Altona​/​/​Homage Split

by Altona

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Recorded at DNA studios
All songs written by Altona

Homage's side:

Altona is: Kyle Mainland, Norman Regucera, Matt Davies and Matt Tomasi


released April 20, 2013

Mixed by Chris Creglia (DNA)
Mastered by Phil Demetro (Laquer Channel)
Artwork by Cameron Walker



all rights reserved


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Altona Whitchurch Stouffville, Ontario



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Track Name: Miserable Minds
you are no stranger here only fear has got you tied
up and have you here there is no one by your side
like a noose around your neck it's getting hard to breath

as the rope gets tighter and tighter it becomes a part you
as the rope gets tighter and tighter it becomes a part me

i am alone with nothing to say
i am alone with nothing to do
i am alone and casted away
i am alone with you

i've always been searching but i'll never fucking find it
i will always be alone
alone with you

juvenile delinquent
what have you done
take a look around you
look what you've become

you are no stranger to me for i have got you tied
up and have you here i'm the only one by your side.
Track Name: Never Said
you walk away as i stare from afar
you dont know who i am but i know who you are
watching your every step
im every secret that youve ever fucking kept

so why would you stray away from me?
like the promises that you cant keep
for these are things you cannot hide
lets look at what you kept inside

i know youre tired and hungry but so full of shit
ill say the things that you could never admit
and when the world turns its back you go and ask for its help
but no one listens because you brought this upon yourself

lies lies lies
i am not your saviour
grow the fuck up and do yourself a favour

lies lies lies
thats all you tell them

no one listens

no one listens to your shit
no one cares

there will always be hard feelings and i know you fucking feel them
(fucking feel them)
don't forget what you did and don't expect to be forgiven
ignorance will leave you dying
(vultures crave what you've been hiding)
wretched lies lead in disguise
but i know your true form

i am the voice in your head
i am everything you never said

everything you never said
Track Name: Misfortune
sick and tired of the same old
former ties grow cold
empty promises and useless bodies | you're a nobody
each breath gets harder to breathe
turn the page a new chapter | it's the end
with each day gets harder to leave
tell a lie, it becomes the truth | you are scum
face the facts you've been deceived | and that's all you'll ever fucking be

i’m sick and tired of everything and everyone
i'm sick and tired of everyone and everything

i'm sick, i'm sick, sick in the head
and i'm sick, i'm sick, sick of you

there was a time when i felt fine
you were someone who i could trust
and just like that you turned your back

i cant cover up your mistakes
don't apologize cause you're way too late
the next time you fall asleep
when you wake up you'll be six feet deep
Track Name: Homage - Displace
i’m giving thought to the boundaries placed around the lies that we make what’s placed in front is narrowly viewed. undeserving, you take depriving possibility, with such a lenience for self indulgence all people are the same; we’re all just trying to pull our own weight i feel it every day an uprooted tree, displaced i’m nothing but silt being brought along downstream i saw myself falling into the depths of unchanging means now i see my faults, and i’m exchanging a new mentality i’m swimming upstream, it's taking me to a place that i could never see now all i seem to do is swim amongst the debris
i understand now that nothing is different i can’t accept i can’t do anything about this no sense in losing sleep over this detachment we want more, we aren’t appeased by simply just being i’m giving up on moving forward i’m giving up on moving towards something greater than i gave into expectation i gave into everything it’s a cycle always repeating it's bound to repeat, always repeating never ending until completed never repeating i'll never repeat it
Track Name: Homage - Looming
remembering how it used to feel and what it feels like now nothing much has changed i lack feeling, i lack purpose i’m scared things will stay the same i fear that things will always stay the same i’m living every day with my emotions drawing blanks keeping me rooted in routine is the only way i tolerate i’ve got nothing left to offer and nothing more to gain i’m left to disintegrate disintegrate i can’t cope with the ambiguity of finding my purpose and i don’t know if i even have one at all i want to find more to care about in my life, and what it feels like sensing nothing at all towards the things that happen to me i see the water moving at my feet look through the surface to what’s moving underneath at different angles i’m the only thing i see the flow of it all continues on all around me when i gaze into my future’s probability my sights are too focused on keeping my mind at ease my mind constantly filled with apathy not knowing what to do about all my deficiencies i have never had the feeling that i was placed here for a reason i’ve been separating from myself the long drive through changing seasons i’ve taken short cuts and they’ve brought me no closer to home being told it’s the only way to go, wandering alone and i know without a doubt i’ll see better things taking the scenic route
and I know without a doubt i'll see better things in myself and I know without a doubt i'll see better things taking the scenic route